Goody's Popcorn, was opened in November of 2012 at the South Plains Mall, in Lubbock, Texas by the Doss Family, Taylor Doss was instrumental in creating the flavors and concept of Goodys Popcorn. The business is managed and operated by Taylor and his  mom Dawn,and other members of their family.  Goody's is not a large chain or franchise, they are a gourmet popcorn store, using only the finest ingredients to achieve the best in flavor and freshness.

Customer service is our number one priority, Goody's dontates to numerous charitable organizations and school functions in the Lubbock and surrounding area.  Goody's Popcorn also works with other companies on a wholesale level, providing manufacutering services.  Goody's Popcorn has a great fundraising program in place to help you with any of your school or charitable organizations fundraising needs!

Need a popcorn bar for your next wedding, anniversary, quienceaneara, or corporate event, let Goody's provide you with their full catering services that include dish rental and setting up and decorating for your event.  We can custom color your candy popcorn to match your event. Marketing gifts for company representative are also available in a variety of price ranges and sizes.

Come see us and try free samples of over 80 flavors of the finest gourmet popcorn in Texas!!! Remember others will try to imitate  us, but no one can duplicate  us because #wegotyourgoodys!!!!!

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